Topband: Stew Perry (160M) test is just hours away!!

Tree tree at
Thu Dec 26 18:32:24 EST 2019

The Stew Perry event starts in just 40 hours away!!

The plaque list has developed nicely - even without the flowery posts from
our plaque-meister this year.  Our low key announcements have come up with
quite a list of plaques.  My wife has even chipped in with her ideal
contest effort - a two hour stint while she is still sleeping.

It is not too late yet to add your idea to the list.  Contact me directly
and we can work it out.   The updated list along with the full rules can be
found at

Here is the plaque list as of this minute:
AA4XX Top Score, Multi-Op World QRP Paid
Boring ARC Top Score, Vintage Station, Single-Op Low-Power pre 1963 TX and
RX Paid
Dawn Tyree Sunrise Award, Top Score, Single-Op World High-Power, limited to
two hours just prior to sunrise* Paid
EI2CN Top QSOs, W/VE/XE with EI/British Isles 2019 + 2020
EI4HQ Top Score, Single-Op High-Power Europe Paid
K1EP Top Score, Operator < 21 years old Paid
K5WA Top # Grids, Single-Op minimally directional antennas (TX and RX) Paid
K6ND Top Score, Single-Op World (K6SE Memorial) Paid
K7CA Top Score, Zone 22 Paid
K7CA Top Score, Zone 24 Paid
K7FL Top Score, 100% Search-and-Pounce Paid
K7RAT Top Score, Single-Op High-Power, Southern Hemisphere Paid
KR2Q Golden Log - Highest QSOs with no busts Pending
L1AR - Dr. Beldar Top Score, Single-Op, Temp Antennas erected in December
2019 Paid
KL7RA Top QSOs, Single-Op Paid
N4YDU Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power USA Paid
N7GP Top # NA Grids, Single-Op Zone 25 Paid
N7UA Top Score, Single-Op, High-Power World Paid
N9TF Top Score, Single-Op USA Low-Power, Multiband vertical, non-resonant,
tuner in shack Paid
N9TF Back yard special (Top Score, Single-Op Low-Power USA, < 4500 Sq Ft
lot, < 35' high random wire) Paid
NQ6N Highest score from working LP or QRP stations Pending
VE9AA 2001 A Space Odyssey - Single-Op Score closest to 2001 points Paid
VK6GX Heroic Tropical QRN Fighters, Top Score, Single-Op +/- 15 degrees
latitude Paid
VK6VZ Flying Doctors of VK Baseball Cap for Top Score, Nothern Hemisphere
working Southern Hemisphere Paid
W1KM Top Score, Single-Op Scandinavia Paid
W2GD Team Top QSOs, NA/SA by EU Station Paid
W7RH Top Score, Asia Single-Op Low-Power Paid
WA6CDR Top # Grids, N5IA Memorial Paid
WC7S Top Score, Single-Op QRP, CQ Zone 4, K9JWV Memorial Paid

73 Tree N6TR

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