Topband: Stew Perry

ws6x.ars at ws6x.ars at
Sun Dec 29 16:13:42 EST 2019

Another Top Band Challenge has come and gone. This one will stand out in
memory for a LONG time. I began hearing EU a full hour before my sunset, and
by 2200 UTC (my official sunset) had logged 6 EU. This set the pace for the
Unfortunately, prior commitments allowed me only 5 hours in the fray, so
pulled the switch at 10 PM local. Most of that time was spent S & P, looking
for big point counters. When I hit the big switch, I had worked 52 EU! Never
seen anything like it in my 35+ years on 160! I went to bed a very happy
Some of those EU stations were well over S9, and I sometimes tuned past the
blip on the spectrum scope, thinking they were locals. The only EU I never
could work was an LZ2. He was loud here, but never heard me.
Thanks to all for digging me out of the mud.
73 es HNY!
Jim - WS6X 

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