Topband: Stew Perry

Roger Kennedy roger at
Mon Dec 30 05:52:08 EST 2019

I don't think conditions were anything special, as I have heard the big
signals at least 10 to 15 dB stronger. (only a couple of stations were even
S9 . . most were only around S5)

However, I came on three times during the night for about an hour each time,
and managed to work 72 North American stations !  So I was pretty pleased
with that.

It goes to show that if there is actually some Activity, you can have lots
of contacts. (I'm sure I could have worked even more NA stations, but they
were often flattened by very strong Europeans, peaking S9 + 30dB)

It actually amazes me that all these stations obviously have a reasonable
setup for 160m, or else they wouldn't make it across the pond under average
conditions . . . yet you never ever hear most of them on the band !

Happy New Year everyone !

Roger G3YRO

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