Topband: 2019 STEW PERRY

uy0zg uy0zg at
Mon Dec 30 21:29:14 EST 2019

Hi All

The US1Q station (EM2Q in ARRL 160) announced an unrealistic result  :

This station is located in the south-east of Ukraine. This is a very 
poor geographic location for working with NA.

Compare US1Q results with UX1UA, UR0MC, UX2X results. Especially 
regarding the work with the 3rd zone!

They say that evidence is needed ....

But how to prove that white is white, and black is black?

Why are all new technologies (WEBsdr and more) helping only dishonest 

And the truth has no protection?

Is it possible to live like that ??
Nick, UY0ZG

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