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Mike Waters mikewate at
Tue Jun 4 18:38:28 EDT 2019

Hi Gary,

Thank you for sharing this. I don't have an ant problem with my Beverages
(because I always remove DC power when I'm not sitting in the shack), but I
certainly do in the outdoor kWH meter/breaker enclosure just downstream
from the pole pig.

We've always used those plastic boxes sold by Terro ant killer, but I'll
keep this in mind. They keep ants out of our hummingbird feeder,

73, Mike

On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 4:55 PM Gary Smith <Gary at> wrote:

> I realized my HI-Z Triangular I use for
> the diversity antenna wasn't working quite
> as well as it used to. I went to check &
> two of the three vented antenna amplifier
> enclosures were filled with ant nests of
> those tiny ants. One antenna amplifier had
> a solid mass of eggs 1/3" deep covering
> the antenna & ground terminals. I put
> sheets of Bounce in the enclosures to keep
> away mice, but didn't give a thought about
> ants.
> I removed the ants/eggs and sprayed the
> enclosure & around it with .05 diluted
> permethrin (1Oz/Gal of 37% concentrate),
> the same stuff I spray the lawn with to
> kill ticks & ants.
> Came back in & checked the Triangular and
> it's back to 100% again; the ant nests
> were the problem.
> You can buy permethrin from many places,
> even walmart sells a diluted aerosol you
> spray your clothes with; let dry & wear
> and it kills (does not repel) ticks while
> you're in the yard/woods.
> You might want to check & see what
> wildlife is holed up in your equipment.
> Here's the link if you're interested:
> -p-445.html?sub_id=1208
> 73,
> Gary
> KA1J

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