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  The FCP is very sensitive to any variations from it’s design specifications.  You would do well to keep it at least 8 feet off the ground from the bottom wire.  Also keep it away from ANY dielectric materials such as wood, wooden fences, trees, etc.  

The aerial wire must also be installed as far away from dielectric materials.

I have mine mounted eight feet above ground with 6 inch plastic standoffs attached to wooden 2x4 supports.  This is a compromise installation.

It made a big difference when I added the 6 inch standoffs.  I should use PVC supports.  I also have a wooden fence right below my FCP.  Nothing I can do about that.

When installed properly the FCP will work much better than a compromised ground radial system on a small lot.

The FCP made a big difference for me on 160 meters !


> On June 9, 2019 at 2:04 PM Richard McLachlan <richard at> wrote:
> Can anybody who has put one of these up advise me?
> The original article specifies a counterpoise height above ground of 8 feet. I am going to try one but it would be much better in the intended location if the lowest wire was at 6 feet rather than 8. Has anybody experimented with a lower height and if so was the performance much degraded? Other than that I am following the build instructions to the letter.
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