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Hmmm again
Okay - now I remember this guy and his shenanigans from way back.  OK1RD (now masquerading as OK1YQ - which is a callsign that does not appear on!)
Guys - I would recommend that any of us that are really interested send an email to the ARRL DXCC desk and ask that this 160m DXCC OK1YQ listing be taken down - and that this fellow be prohibited from participating in the DXCC program going forward.
This is ridiculous and I agree - who is now running the DXCC desk?  Sure wish NN1N and some of the older, wiser DXCC managers were still around to police this kind of activity!
What utter nonsense!

Hi Jeff,

Any word on this? It's been over 6 months and nothing but silence

This whole situation stunk to high heaven the first time  around. Why did it have to return for an encore?

Wasn't this all settled and put to bed years ago back when NC1L, NN1N & K1ZZ were running things?

The current crew of lightweights they have running things in Newington seem hell bent on seeing how fast  they can run 100 years of ARRL and and 80+ years of DXCC straight into the ground. Doesn't the Board take notice of matters such as this any more? It's an embarrassment for which all involved should be ashamed.

Seems like the days of W1CW and integrity and standards in the DXCC program are now gone for good. Maybe the time is ripe for Don Miller and Romeo to stage their comebacks too?


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If  OK1YQ is OK1RD as you say Bob, then pse read:;topic=110968.0

Peter SM2CEW

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