Topband: Fwd: ARRL DXCC - 160 Meters OK1YQ (OK1RD) Legitimacy???!!!

Lee. KX4TT kx4tt at
Mon Jun 24 09:25:25 EDT 2019

GM Herb,

The DXCC Card Checkers do not have to have 160m DXCC
anymore........................but they do have to allow their work to be
vetted by HQ. Some field checkers may be unaware of this change; I have
personally run into this problem. I do know that Don Search, W3AZD, checks
160m cards despite not having 160m DXCC himself, but some people may
consider him to be a special category as he used to run the DXCC desk. 

On a related note, the DXCC Card Checker Master List no longer delineates
the checkers with 160m DXCC..........................I will let everyone
draw their own conclusions there. 

Here is the portion of the rules allowing this: 

Section IV. Field Checking of QSL Cards, 1) Entities Eligible for Field
Checking:, a) With an exception for 160 Meters, cards for all current and
deleted entities dating back to November 15, 1945 can be checked. Cards for
160 Meters can only be checked by Card Checkers who currently hold an active
160 Meter DXCC, ARRL Headquarters staff who have been authorized by the
Manager of the Radiosport Department, or existing Card Checkers who agree to
allow their work to be vetted by the Radiosport Department. The Manager of
the Radiosport Department shall make a special reporting form available for
this purpose. 160 Meter Card Checkers can be found on the complete list of
DXCC 160 Card Checkers.

73 de Lee KX4TT

> On Mon, Jun 24, 2019 at 3:18 AM Herbert Schoenbohm < 
> herbert.schoenbohm at> wrote:
>> Would not a 100% LOTW be the ultimate answer to card frauds?  There 
>> is, in fact, is no card checker in the VI for 160 meter QSO's causing 
>> me countless mailings to the DXCC desk.  This all could be avoided in 
>> the future if the ARRL went to 100% LOTW. Most rare DX stations would 
>> want their operations to count and would easily sign up to ARRL's 
>> LOTW, I think.
>> Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

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