Topband: Antenna Switch isolation capacitor

k8gg at k8gg at
Tue Jun 25 16:22:27 EDT 2019

Hi All,

A friend on 160 has had a problem with a Heathkit remote antenna switch
due to a partial failure of the isolation capacitor in the remote unit. 
It is a .02 uF 1.6 KV disc ceramic that isolates the DC from the antennas.

Since this results in about 4.4 ohms of XC - capacitive reactance in
series with the 160 TX antenna, I was wondering if it would it be worth
while to substitute a .05 uF disc ceramic to reduce the capacitive
reactance (XC) to under 2 ohms on 160 meters?

Thanks any info.   73,

George,  K8GG

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