Topband: Shunt fed tower

AJ iamfromcanadaalso at
Sun May 5 18:11:41 EDT 2019

Thanks for the direct replies.

Some added info.

Radials are 8 feet above the ground.
There are no antennae on top of the tower.
A small VHF yagi at 45 feet on the opposite side of the tower; face is 5
1/2 feet at this point of the tower.
I have done these tests with a couple of different analyzers, MFJ 259,
RigExpert  230.
Radials are floating from the tower.

Not sure what else I can add.

Thanks AJ___ VE3HJ

Ok not sure where to start.

I decided to redo my vertical.

I have a 89 degree tall tower. (125 feet self support).
It is shunt fed (#6 copper) 55 feet above the elevated radials three
feet from the tower.
There are 5 radials, 130 feet long.
There is a 1 to 1 transformer I wound and a number of ferrites around
the cable below.
Checked the windings of the toroid to make sure there was no shorts.
When I check the feed point I see Rs=0 Xs=45. 
Did these tests with a few different cable lengths results the same.
I swept from 1600 to 2100 and it changes a small amount.

What am I missing, Rs=0 ?

My previous install did not have the toroid.
I have not added any capacitance to it yet as the Rs has been confused.

I did connect it to the transceiver and it has respectable rx.

Thanks AJ___ VE3HJ

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