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Sun May 5 19:45:23 EDT 2019

Elevated Radials ... In Houston, TX on a 60'X90' lot I had one quarter-wavelength elevated radial bent in the shape of an L to fit on the lot, it was routed around the perimeter of the lot. 

At an apartment in FL, I managed to hide an elevated radial in the bushes with a 50' base loaded vertical wire hidden in a tree (a Stew Perry antenna). 

In a cabin at a campground in Swannee, TN I had four 81' elevated radials (straight out of ON4UN's Low-Band book) up 20' and that setup netted me a top 10 finish, low power in a 160 CQWW CW test. 

Now at my YL's QTH in Oak Ridge, TN (on a 1/5 acre lot) (fortunately she is also a ham) I have a single 1/8 wavelength linear loaded radial that that is also trapped (matches the vertical up a tall oak tree) to allow for 80 meter operation without relays. This antenna, while not a barn-burner, I was pleasantly surprised at its performance ... WAC with a hundred watts and have even run Europe on that unmentionable mode at 50 watts. All antennas were fed through a choke balun at the feed point and only the antenna with the 4 - 81' radials required impedance matching (used a hair pin). 

 I have sketches of most everything and I am sneaking up on 200 countries on 160. I hope this gives you a few ideas.

73, Mike WA5POK
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 Subject: Topband: FCP versus loaded or "T" radialsradials
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 Date: Saturday, May 4, 2019, 11:14 AM
 At the risk of setting off a food-fight, I'm
 interested in opinions on 
 shortened radials (T or loaded) versus
 the K2AC/W0UCE folded 
 counterpoise design.  W8JI has an
 interesting unfinished page 
 attacking the FCP.  
 Tom's a combative fella, but he's also
 very smart.  I am putting up an 
 inverted L, trying to avoid having to
 lay down 6000 or even 750 feet of 
 on-the ground radials, and don't really
 have room for resonant elevated 
 radials on 160.
 73, Pete N4ZR
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