Topband: FCP versus loaded or "T" radialsradials,

Peter Bertini radioconnection at
Tue May 7 09:09:45 EDT 2019

I think Tom, W8JI's main concern with the K2AV was the unbalanced nature of
the feedpoint, due to the short
electrical length of the FCP counterpoise system.  His
observation was that lengthening the counterpoise to
make it resonant would reduce feedpoint voltages.
I think his points were that he felt the FCP was not
a magic bullet, but he never said the system did not

All I know is that my soil is extremely poor. My K9AY
loop array would NOT show any directivity until I added
four ground radials with additional ground rods at the
ends!  Thus, I would wonder how many on ground
radials would be needed to equal the performance of
my FCP?  Second point, any radials would require
placing the vertical radiator in the middle of an area
with large oak and hickory trees, increasing losses.

Everyone's ground conductivity is different.  I would
think it would be difficult to equate the performance
of a minimal radial field based on individual observations.

K2AV's consistent contest scores certainly offer some
validity to the effectiveness of his system.

Pete W1BR

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