Topband: big antenna site

Carl Luetzelschwab carlluetzelschwab at
Thu May 16 08:29:39 EDT 2019

I was in the Cleveland area several weeks ago, and saw some big towers with
lots of what looks like Yagis.

This site is at 41.2312991 latitude and -81.58989168 longitude for those
who want to look at it with Google Earth. It is about 2 miles east of the
junction of I-77 and I-271, and about 17.5 miles southeast of Cleveland
Hopkins airport.

One of the arrays appears to be five towers with no antennas - four of the
towers are in a square and the fifth tower is in the center. Could this be
a low band electronically-steerable array?

Does anyone know if this is a ham installation? Or a commercial
installation? Or something else?

Carl K9LA

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