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Gary Smith Gary at
Fri May 17 19:48:10 EDT 2019

Hi Jorge,

Last night I heard a G3 calling around 
1.825. I turned on the amp (a 3 minute 
wait) and called back barefoot but I was 
not heard and they went QRT. Shortly after 
my amp was ready but I heard nobody else.

I will listen more to the south. That is 
unfortunately, the direction of much RFI, 
but I will try. 

We have worked before, the first was in 
1993, hopefully the next will be in 2019!



> Hello
> is frustrating calling CQ on 80 and 160, with no answer. I just see
> the RBN spots coming quickly, with good signals, but no one answer the
> CQ´s
> I know many people on the north, dont do low bands on this season, but
> would me very good if they try. We have a very calm band, so I think
> is able to heard low power or maybe QRP stations calling me.
> I think you will hear us, at least in the QRN, but a QSO is possible,
> is what we did in whay you call the "season" :-)
> -- 
> 73,
> Jorge
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