Topband: In need of a Rohn 25 top plate

terry burge ki7m at
Sat May 25 16:47:10 EDT 2019

Hi folks,

I am in need of a Rohn 25 flat top plate or maybe a strong rotor/bearing plate. I've got to make a custom pulley and smaller return pulley setup for using my Ramsey worm gear winch to raise and lower a thousand pounds of tower from the ground up. Running the winch cable up the gin pole, out to a block-n-tackle on the tower, then back to the other side of the flat top plate is what I have in mind. I've done it before and it self aligns the tower great as well as dividing the load in half. My tower weighs just under 1000#'s and so whatever I come up has to be strong and may well require some welding and drilling. The top plate doesn't have to be pretty, just work.



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