Topband: FT-8 My Recent Experience

Rob Atkinson ranchorobbo at
Wed May 29 08:57:01 EDT 2019

> I can't get into any computer mode, mainly because I've been a software
>engineer for almost 40 year and dealing with computers at home is a
>non-starter with me.    I like ARC-5s, BC-348s,  and Navy RBB's

Same here.  Computer science major; 30 years in front of monitors and
keyboards all day; database management, writing code....and I know
hams who spend days and days fiddling with PCs and logging
software....Why?   What a waste of valuable radio time in my opinion.
Not only do I reject computer "modes," but I run a computer free
shack.   Great FT8 story by the way.


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