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Gary Smith Gary at
Wed May 29 15:16:50 EDT 2019

Hello Joe,

Same here, I also need 6M DXCC (May never 
get it), and I have all the DXCC available 
for the lower bands. I asked the DXCC 
bureau why not a DXCC that covers all the 
HF bands, and they used the endorsement 
answer and that there's no need for an 
expanded award. 

I nicely thanked them and suggested it is 
a worthy concept and they would sell many 
plaques for it if they created it and make 
many hams happy to have it on their wall. 
I got nice lip service saying "NO", in 
reply, and that was the end of my pushing 
them on it.

FWIW, I do not have those endorsement 
stickers on anything, I think I threw them 
away, I like my certs looking as they 
came, not like a camper with Good Sam 
bumper stickers on them.



> > There was no reply and to this day, nearly 50 years later they have
> > never allowed such an award.
> To the contrary - ARRL offer endorsement plates for 160, 30, 17, 12
> and 6 meters that can be attached to a 5BDXCC plaque turning 5BDXCC
> into 6BDXCC - 10BDXCC.  Mine is missing only the 6 Meter plate.
> 73,
>     ... Joe, W4TV
> On 2019-05-29 2:27 PM, Herbert Schoenbohm wrote:
> > Yes indeed about Stew Perry.  The  ARRL really fooled around with
> > the 160-meter DXCC award. But even worse, when they issued me mine I
> > realized I had the first ever 6-band DXCC. I asked the powers that
> > be if the would issue me this.  The answer was "no way."  I said
> > then "If a 5-band DXCC was such an accomplishment then why would a
> > 6-band DXCC be also?"  There was no reply and to this day, nearly 50
> > years later they have never allowed such an award. So I made one up
> > on the computer and just hung it to the wall. Case closed..... as
> > the ARRL is not very member-friendly but you already knew that.
> > 
> > Herb, KV4FZ
> > 
> > On Wed, May 29, 2019 at 1:35 PM Greg Chartrand via Topband <
> > topband at> wrote:
> > 
> >> The first time I met with Stew he had his 160 DXCC application in
> >> ARRL hands for quite a while and they would not issue the
> >> certificate or tell him whether they would or not. His position was
> >> in effect, I guess I have some enemies there. He was quite a
> >> gentleman about the whole thing again saying in effect I know I was
> >> the first if they acknowledge it or not. Quite a man! G.
> >>
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