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> On May 29, 2019, at 4:22 PM, Eric Rosenberg <ericrosenberg.dc at> wrote:
> As one who has operated from obscure locatons (including 9L, J2, and YJ)
> with gear that I carried on an airplane, I find your comments both naive
> and snobbish.
> As I write this, I'm sitting in a room on small island (PJ7) running QRP
> FT8 into a loop antenna on the balcony. Although I made a couple of Q's on
> CW, my intent was to use FT8. All keyboarding... no mic or paddle.
> It's been lots of fun, and that's what ham radio is all about. TheFT8 UI
> has lots of fascinating information, much of which I can use for future
> travel.
> I'm not here to win any prizes or awards. I do have the extreme
> satisfaction of giving 25 stations this rare mult during the WPX contest,
> and making many more FT8 contacts as I've been on nightly for short periods
> of time over the last couple of nights.
> And yes, they will all get paper QSL cads (remember them?). No computers
> running in your shack? No need for LoTW!
> Remember when folks said SSB would kill ham radio? how about PSK vs RTTY?
> AM vs FM on the VHF bands? The list goes on: packet clusters, the reverse
> beacon network, LoTW, panadapters. Add FT8 as the latest cause of the
> demise and/or death of CW, contesting, and ham radio (any or all of them).
> What's next?
> So get off your high horse. It's not about you, it's about the guy on the
> other end... the one *without* a tower, *without* a yagi, *without* an
> amplifier and all the gizmos you may have. The guy who worked hard to work
> you and then sent you a card via the bureau. Don't forget him!
> 73,
> Eric W3DQ
> At the moment PJ7/W3DQ
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> On Tue, 28 May 2019, Mark K3MSB <mark.k3msb at> wrote:
> I spent 9 days in Haiti as HH6/K3MSB a few weeks ago on a missions trip to
> Les Cayes, which is in the remote southwestern part of the island.  As the
> fellow I was traveling with was a ham,  we of course hung some wires at our
> guest house and had some on-the-air fun.   This was good as there really
> isn't much to do in the evenings down there.   Actually, aside from
> reading,  there isn't anything to do in the evenings down there.    But I
> digress.....
> To protect the innocent (or the guilty....)  I'll call my friend “John”.
> I did CW and John did some CW but mainly FT-8.    John wanted me to do some
> FT-8, but after watching him for a bit I said to “wake me when it's time
> for some real radio”.   I've seen FT-8 before and I just can't get into
> it.  I can't get into any computer mode, mainly because I've been a software
> engineer for almost 40 year and dealing with computers at home is a
> non-starter with me.    I like ARC-5s, BC-348s,  and Navy RBB's
> myself......    But again, I digress..
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