Topband: Drones for antenna installation?

Gary Smith Gary at
Sun Sep 1 12:24:29 EDT 2019

Grant is exactly right about the cold & 
knocking it around. Last winter I was out 
in freezing weather and bumped the end 
into a rock. The PVC broke in the valve 
where the PVC is threaded in. I had to 
dremel two opposing slots in the broken 
piece and wedge a solid piece of metal in 
so I could unscrew it.

Just like one should not hunt with a shell 
ready to fire, one should not walk with 
pressure in the spud gun. I only 
pressurize when I am ready to launch the 


> I stick to max 80psi which has a good safety factor vs the pipe rating
> (4" @220psi in my launcher).  Very cold weather and knocking it around
> when brittle or anytime is certainly to be avoided.  An alternative is
> to buy schedule 80, McMaster sells sch 80 PVC in 5 foot lengths. The
> pressure rating for 3" is 370psi and 4" 320psi.  Then the end fittings
> should also be sch 80.
> A friend once (young = stupid) made a firecracker out PVC pipe.  Note
> that PVC doesn't show on xrays, so small bits were still erupting from
> his skin 20 years later.  Fortunately no eye damage.
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