Topband: YCCC 9 circle preamp redesign

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Fri Sep 20 02:13:33 EDT 2019

 Many thanks, Steve, for posting this very informative video -- and also (belatedly) for posting your excellent, prior instructional video on how to shunt feed a tower.  Best 73, John W6UQZ
    On Thursday, September 19, 2019, 06:45:06 PM PDT, VE6WZ_Steve <ve6wz at> wrote:  
 Today I uploaded a YouTube video showing my YCCC 9 circle HI-Z preamp redesign that uses a relay to ground the vertical during transmit, or when not in use. <>

I provide a link to the Kicad PCB files that can be uploaded to your favourite PCB manufacturer if you want to build your own.  I also provide a BOM parts list detailing the parts needed.  Total cost per amp including the PCB board, enclosure and all parts is between $20-$30 depending on bulk componebt purchasing discounts.

Construction and installation methods and ideas are also discussed.

73, de steve ve6wz

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