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Sun Jul 5 18:44:42 EDT 2020

Starting earlier this spring and for the last few months both Nick and a few others have piqued my interest in MW BCB DXing and listening to these low-power TIS stations.

I have found that a reliable channel is 1710 kHz were I have been able to copy both WQFG Hudson County NJ, and also Travis AFB in California.
Hudson County apparently gained special Covid-19 approval for increased power to 100W which may explain how they have been copiable (with a good signal) in Alberta. Travis AFB only runs 10 w but they have had an exceptional signal at my QTH.  Travis is 1,630km from my QTH so thats pretty decent for a 10W AM signal and compromise antenna.  Hudson NJ is 3,290 km from me so still impressive with just 100w.

If anyone is interested here is a recording I made on May 17 of both Travis AFB and Hudson WQFG.  In the recording I switch from the south Beverage with good copy on Travis AFB in California, and then I switch to the east Beverage wire with good copy on Hudson NJ. I switch direction back to Travis and the end back east to Hudson. <>

I have also had great fun BCB DXing for both Trans-Pacific OC and AS and some Trans-Atlantic MW DX.
Virtually every morning that I have been at my radio I have had good copy on a few Australian and NZ BCB AM stations.  Most notable has been 4BC on 1116 kHz from Brisbane often with a very solid signal and good audio.  Last month a few Asian BCB signals were making it but that has faded during summer solstice as we loose common darkness.
The Trans-world African radio station transmits from Benin Africa on 1566 kHz.  There have been a few nights where modest audio has been copied from them when RX on the broadside phased Beverage EU pair.

Most mornings when I am at the radio I have been switching between calling CQ on 160m and listening on MW.  I’ve found it quite fun and interesting.

160m has remained open virtually every day I have been QRV this spring and summer into VK and ZL.  The JA path has been struggling up here over the last few weeks because the only common darkness with JA now is “common grey-line”.

Since April till today I have had 135 OC and 48 AS CW QSOs on 160m.
Top OC QSOs in my log since April:

Top JAs

160m DXing has remained alive here right through the summer solstice!

73, de steve ve6wz

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> IRCA is a MW DXers' club with a number of people who actively try to receive these flea power stations.
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