Topband: For sale?

K4SAV RadioXX at
Mon Jul 6 16:53:57 EDT 2020

On 7/6/2020 3:38 PM, Bill Cromwell wrote:
> Hi,
> Tree already posted that ads are not allowed on this list. The OP 
> apologized and promised to not do it again. Some lists do allow 
> relevant ads. Etiquette requires us to ask first.
> /relurk
Yes and I even read that message from Tree and it did not register when 
I wrote my message.  Many people that have been on this list for a long 
time probably remember when for sale listings were even encouraged.  
It's easy to remember the old days, but not so easy sometimes to 
remember that now those listings are no longer allowed.

Jerry, K4SAV

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