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Jim Kinney jimkinney at
Wed Sep 9 09:02:51 EDT 2020

Hey Andy,
I heard you on ft8 at 0253, -24dB, then later on cw, but the static crashes were really bad here in central FL.

I left the radio on all night, with wsjt-x running.  Between 0400 and 0500 it copied 11 EU stations, up from 1 the night before.  Unfortunately no ZL or 3D this morning.
Not scientific, but it looks promising.  I'll keep listening.
Jim WE4S

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On Sep 9, 2020, 12:57 AM, at 12:57 AM, Andree DL8LAS via Topband <topband at> wrote:
> Hey again,
>this morning I worked again 
>WC4X, N4XD, AB3CV, K1KIand finally VE6WZ with the best signal
>today.Here you can find a short clip from our QSO.TX antenna was my new
>T- ANT,RX is a 68m long BOG which I use in the summer season.
>73 Andy DL8LAS
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