Topband: Delaware report

Jon Zaimes jz73 at
Thu Sep 10 07:01:24 EDT 2020

We have had regular VK and ZL openings through our summer, though generally
with marginal conditions. ZL1AZ called in this morning at 0815z, peaking


This morning we worked JA5DQH at 0946z, about 55 minutes before our sunrise,
for our first topband JA QSO of the season. Later than some years, earlier
than others. We had heard Aki yesterday for our first JA heard this season. 


Conditions today were very quiet. KL7QOW also called in, and we worked
JA1LZR at 1036z, just a few minutes before sunrise here.


Last night we called CQ after our sunset and lit up a lot of RBN receivers
in Europe, but G3ITH was the only one awake to call in.


Time to patch up all the RX antennas busted by summer storms.






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