Topband: VK Report

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Mon Sep 14 22:46:15 EDT 2020

The band has been improving significantly in the past few weeks.

I have been working a few NA stations nearly every day all year, in 
marginal to ok conditions.

Since the start of September, I've been typically working several DX 
daily, mostly NA with a JA or two.

Yesterday, I ended up working 28 DX QSO, including 19 USA, 8 JA, and 
HK1MW. This is about as many as I've worked in a session, so it was a 
good evening!

Other than that, the South America path has been very poor, and/or very 
little activity right through our winter, when we usually work them.

After the Tour de France finishes next weekend (very late nights 
watching tv here), I'll start looking for Europe around our sunrise. 
They should start coming in over the next month or two, to peak through 



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