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Wed Sep 16 06:35:31 EDT 2020

VK2WF was 559 in between QSB into North Carolina this morning.  I was unable to hear any JA today, but I will try again later this week.

An interesting result, I worked VK6LW/Kevin 1 hour before my sunset on 12 September, via LP, on 80 CW (an hour after his sunrise).    N4NX also worked him (about 40 km from my QTH), but no one else called him even though he called CQ until he left his shack for coffee about 20 minutes later. This is an interesting, repeatable occurrence that I shared with ON4UN last year:


Hi John

I was alerted to an interesting occurrence regarding 80 meter LP prop from US/Canada to VK6.   

For many years I have observed and read about VA2GU/Roy and his antenna exploits on the low bands - very impressive, as you know.  In the winter he easily works VK6 via LP daily.

Then I learned that K2RR/Rick, has been working VK6APZ/Peter along with VA2GU and several other Canadian stations, daily via long path IN JULY of this year!

>From Rick's QRZ page, he describes his observations of this phenomenon from his well-equipped station in New Hampshire.  It's fascinating!  Rick was 80M DXCC #114; he has been on 80 meters for a long time.

So today I decided to listen in on 3793 kHz about 2310 UTC onwards, which is the time of the daily schedule.  I was using a HiZ 4 square receive array and an inverted L with 500 watts for transmit.  The rig was an unmodified Icom IC-7300.  Soil conditions here aren't that great, and I am 200 miles from the coast so I don't get the benefit of saltwater enhancement.  Still, VK6APZ went from ESP level at 2310 to 4x4 on peaks (with QSB) by 2330.  Although we did not complete the QSO, we came close.  Meanwhile, Rick reported 5x9 copy on Peter, strongest signals in months.  

This is quite remarkable, because my path to the Northeast was strongest (just like K2RR observed) but I was 600 miles SOUTH from K2RR.  If this was spotlight prop, the spotlight was in motion and came down the coast!

While VA2GU and K2RR have proven that QSO's on low bands in daylight are possible with EU if the equipment and antennas are of the highest order and conditions are just right, this is an entirely different and incredible situation.  Long path is unique.  Long path on the low bands is quite exceptional (I keep reading your 5th edition book on the subject).  Long path with daylight in part of the path on 80 seems almost too good to be true, but I heard it myself.

Thanks to Rich/K2RR who let me participate today in the fun, and to Peter/VK6APZ for his patience and persistence.


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