Topband: Wednesday CW Activity Night

Roger Kennedy roger at
Wed Sep 16 10:53:57 EDT 2020

There were several of us Europeans on calling CQ DX last night . . . but I
didn't hear anyone get any replies!

RBN reports from North America were quite good . . . so is it that
Propagation was just one way (as sometimes happens on 160) . . . or were
there just no NA stations on the band?

Well anyway . . . I'm suggesting re-starting the Wednesday CW Activity Night
. . . so that if anyone is going to come on 160 to work DX just one night
during the week, maybe we can all come on the same night?

(by the way, Sunrise here in England is currently around 05.30 Z)

Hope to work some of you tonight!

73 Roger G3YRO

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