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Wed Sep 16 11:46:32 EDT 2020

I am sure you will get lots of input on this - but my experience makes me
think that this is due to the angle the signals are coming in from.  I
often think openings near my sunrise have a higher angle than normal and
have found my beverages lose directivity and don't compete well with the TX
antenna.  At a previous QTH - I would sometimes find a low dipole buried in
a small ravine was my best RX antenna.  Another indicator that a high angle
was a play.

Tree N6TR

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 8:09 AM Ignacy Misztal <no9e at> wrote:

> Lately when I worked a VK on 160m, the transmit antenna  antenna heard
> better than beverages. In other cases with the VKs, the beverages were
> better but not by much. I am wondering why this is the case. Beverages make
> a big difference to other directions.
> The transmit antenna is 100ft shunt-fed tower with beam on top, and 36
> radials. Beverages are 500-600 ft  about 7 ft up in 7 directions, all but
> S.
> Ignacy, NO9E
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