Topband: Beverages and VK

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At my place the two beverages I am using, 160m to NW, 120m to NE are only
good for decent signals.
The real weak ones I can only copy with my vertical which is an elevated GP
(top loaded tower) fed against a single radial at the 21m level.


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Lately when I worked a VK on 160m, the transmit antenna  antenna heard
better than beverages. In other cases with the VKs, the beverages were
better but not by much. I am wondering why this is the case. Beverages make
a big difference to other directions.

The transmit antenna is 100ft shunt-fed tower with beam on top, and 36
radials. Beverages are 500-600 ft  about 7 ft up in 7 directions, all but

Ignacy, NO9E
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