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Wed Sep 16 17:57:36 EDT 2020

I couldn’t agree more.  As Merv says....“It’s hard as heck to get EU to listen on the skew path”.
Last year when the AU was fairly quiet, the direct EU polar path prevailed, but in years past, the skew path was very common. This is also very true for the deep Asia path (HS, 9M2 etc) from VE6 because they are also on a very northerly path. The JAs are not often skewed, usually direct path. All this is also very common on 80m. It is quite normal for the EU signals to be skewed to the south, as Merv says, sometimes with the Yagi pointed to SA. That’s almost a 90 deg path skew!  This is NOT subtle, there are time when I have zero copy direct path, but Q5 with the Yagi pointed 90 deg skew. The problem is that many EU ops find that “most of NA” is direct path, but often the west coast and KH6 is coming in over SA, but they don’t move their RX! 
Wherever you live in the world, when working the lowbands always check for a skewed southerly path when the direct path is close to the pole.

Having said that, the arrival angle change near sunrise or sunset is also very common, and can be quite dramatic. 

73, de Steve Ve6wz 

From Babcocks iPhone

> On Sep 16, 2020, at 2:19 PM, K9FD <merv.k9fd at> wrote:
> Did you try all the other direction beverages you have?
> In the past 20 years of operating here in KH6 I find many times
> EU comes through over central america, not over USA, and its
> hard as heck to tell EU to listen that direction.  Same with signals
> from the northwest,   I hear  lot of stations coming from the west instead
> of northwest etc.   very skew path.
> so switching to a dipole helps,  not with angle but with direction,
> if one had a beverage on that skew path one would find the beverage
> works quite well.
> Lot of variables and as they say you never have enough antennas for
> receive.
> 73 Merv K9FD  Molokai Island Hawaii.
>> Interesting observations with dipoles and high angle of arrival at
>> sunrise/sunset. But from graphs, the beverage also has a fairly high
>> radiation angle.
>> I am wondering whether anybody has compared beverages on 80m with RX
>> vertical arrays or transmit 4 sq. On 80m, my Beverages are a bit
>> better than 4 sq for DX.
>> Ignacy NO9E
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