Overturning force, rohn 45G?

Tony Wanschura tonyjw@primenet.com
Fri, 02 Aug 1996 15:19:40 -0500

There was some discussion a while back about overturning force 
(moment?) for Rohn 25G tower. If I remember correctly, it was around 
5500 foot-lbs.  Can anyone tell me the figure for Rohn 45G?  I have an 
old spec sheet for 45G, but not being a structural engineer (or any 
kind of engineer, for that matter) I just don't know what all those 
numbers mean.

For background, my tower is 40 feet of 55G topped by 20 feet of 45G 
(60 feet total at present). The conversion from 45 to 55 is a 20-foot 
long conversion section (one piece, manufactured that way; heavy).  
The tower is guyed at 29 and 51 feet (small lot). I want to add a 
section of 45 at the top to give a total height of 70 feet, and I need 
to figure out how much antenna I can put above that top (51') guy 
point.  I know how to figure the overturning force of a given antenna 
at a given height above the guy point.  What I need to know is what 
the tower will allow.


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