summary wire cleaning

Robert Hill
Sat, 03 Aug 1996 23:56:44 -0400

Again thanks for the helpful comments regarding what I should do with 
the aluminum wire used for my Quad as far as cleaning? making it perform 


1. Clean the terminations (Alnox or something like this should be used)

2. Do not use steel wool or brush to clean the wires as this would 
induce unwanted corrosion, instead,

3. Use use something like soft scrub, rinse and dry when done which 
would not leave any  galvanically different residue behind (also any 
scrubber used on teflon pots, but not brillo, could be used)

4. If there is not much corrosion, just dirt, etc, then a mild solvent 
could be used first to clean the aluminum wires.

5. Performance should not be effected by cleaning the wires because 
Aluminum oxides quickly and this forms a seal and therefore does not 
continue to oxidate.  The terminations should be cleaned and this would 
effect performance