Torque-Controlling Guys

Stan Griffiths
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 12:30:55 -0700 (PDT)

>Looking for advice on design and sources for
>guy attachments that will control tower 
>The installation here is 140 feet of Rohn 45 with
>a 40-2CD at 150 feet and a 48-foot boom 20
>monobander at 139 feet. (These are the tops of
>two-stacks that have bottoms at 70 and 60 
>Mast/rotor arrangement at the top is very solid
>(2.5 inch high strength alloy and a prop pitch), but
>the whole tower turns at the top about 5 degrees or
>so when the wind blows or when the rotor starts
>and stops. I have a massive rubber shaft-coupler
>between the rotor and the mast that helps absorb 
>shock-torque, but the top couple of sections
>turn nonetheless.
>Should I be worried? I am considering going
>to a dual-guy arrangement for the top set of
>guys, with the big torque-controlling ears at
>the top (not sure of the correct terminology.)
>Anyone know if these attachment brackets are Rohn 
>stock, and the best way to calculate how much torque
>they will assest?
>  Thanks and 73,
>     - Geoff, W0CG, Suffield, Ohio

Hi Geoff,

I think you are looking for a Rohn TA45 Torque Arm Stabilizer Assembly.
These thing do a great job of stabilizing the tower against twisting.  Rohn
recommends them when you sidemount a dish and any twisting of the tower
would create a real problem with dish alignment.