wind force design criteria

Henry Knoll Henry Knoll <>
Mon, 12 Aug 1996 22:55:27

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996 22:24:37 -0500,
kg5u@HAL-PC.ORG wrote...
>Case in point: 
>The club station at work had a 51' crank-up.  On it we had a 5 element,
>10m beam, a TA-33 tribander (KN5H: help me if you are subscriber; I 
>and a Ringo Ranger. 

Did you ever calculate whether the antenna load was within the specs
the tower manufacturer gave.  Any tower can come down if overloaded, and
from your description, you had quite a load on the tower.  Also, you
don't mention what the tower rating was.

>It was such a pain to crank it up and down, that operators finally left it 
>most of the time.

I bought a Sears 1/2 inch drill motor to use on my Tri-Ex 52 foot
crank up.  I only takes a couple of minutes to crank it up or down.
However, since my loading is less than the tower rating, I leave it
up all the time.  Last summer I lost many trees in the yard to 
straight line winds, but the tower or antenna didn't come down.


Henry   WA0GOZ