Climbing SSV?

John Kay
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 11:47:44 -0500

I'm curious too, what do other recommend? I have a 100' PiRod sitting on the
ground in my backyard. I hope to put up next spring.  I'm guessing you just
straddle a leg and climb . I sure I don't want to do this in gym shoes. Steel
sole boots for sure.

John (WV9T)

On Aug 13, 10:56am, Ed Gilbert wrote:
> Subject: Re: Trylon / Titan Towers??
> > I recently bought a used Rohn SSV series tower and in the process,
> > became acquainted with the fact that Rohn has some attractive amateur
> > packages of these self-supporting towers, which are normally used in
> > commercial service. These are tapered, three-sided models.
> AES has prices for these in their latest catalog.
> Has anyone tried climbing one of these things?  I noticed that the
> cross bracing is all diagonal -- there is nothing horizontal to stand
> on.
> -- Ed Gilbert, WA2SRQ
>-- End of excerpt from Ed Gilbert