Zoning Boards

Paul D. Schrader n4xm@iglou.com
Sun, 18 Aug 96 22:30 EDT

>Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 16:43:23
>To: towertalk@contesting.com
>From: n4xm@iglou.com (Paul D. Schrader)
>Subject: Zoning Boards
>This is really true--may it help someone.
>Many years ago we faced the zoning problems locally and I addressed
>the Planning and Zoning  board about the safety issue (and other
>I pointed out that they now have the authority to make sure things
>are safe under the BOCA code and that there was no reason to single
>out amateur radio towers.  In fact I pointed out that it was out and
>out discrimination when telephone poles, church steeples and TREES
>had no rules.  I pointed out to them that trees will cause more damage
>than towers if they should fall BECAUSE THEY WEIGH MORE.  I also pointed
>out that no one makes a structural analysis of a tree.  I also mentioned
>that I could show them examples of very large half dead trees hanging over
>Don't give in on this.
>ARRL was made aware of our ability to convince the locals here and we have
>no requirement at all except for FAA and FCC rules.
>I am a registered Professional Electrical Engineer.
>We all want things safe, but discrimination is another story.  Every time I
>make an antenna speech at a local radio club I remind them about this, and
>how we are all in this together: don't allow anyone to put up a tower system
>that is not proper in all respects.
>                        73,
>                           Paul N4XM