T2X turning problem

frank davis fdavis@voyager.newcomm.net
Mon, 19 Aug 1996 17:34:03 -0300

I had a similiar problem and finally discovered a binding problem  i.e. the
pipe was binding in the sleeves that it passed through.   I fixed it by
installing a smaller pipe but not before i stripped the ring gear !!
By the way I friend of mine has complained abt a problem like this so it
moght be an inherent characteristic of the T2X. (he odesn't have the same
sleeve arragement that i have.)

73 Frank  VO1HP

At 15:44 1996-08-18 -0400, Bill Fisher, KM9P wrote:
>I'm turning a 105CA & a 402CD (beefy QHS design) with a T2X.  I notice that
>sometimes it will not turn one direction, but turning briefly the other
>direction fixes the problem.  Not a big deal... just wondering what's going
>on here? 
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