Bracketing a self-supporting tower.

David L. Thompson
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 16:07:32 -0400

I agree with Tony, K1KP that Rohn 25 is not self supporting.  You often see
40 or 50 feet
not guyed, but even at that height you are taking a chance.

As to using a house bracket with a crank up, if you look closely EVERY crank
up that provides for a bracket does so only for the bottom section!   Other
self-supporting towers such as Trylon or Pirod each have a spec that spells
out clearly if a bracket is ever needed and where to place the bracket.   If
you attach the bracket to the house or a building make sure you follow
directions or you might damage both the tower and the house.   Rohn gives
you excellent advice with each tower bracket...follow the advice and be safe
not sorry.

Putting up any type of tower is a hard job.  I suggest that unless you have
experience in climbing belts, proper use of a gin pole, and understand that
the legs must be supported and relaxed while you work...get a professional!
Or at least get some experienced help.

Dave K4JRB