Using Rohn 65?

Robert E. Naumann
Tue, 20 Aug 1996 20:47:57 -0500

>> If the gentleman desires to erect a 190 foot tower for ham radio use so
be it.  However, if that tower is ultimately used for a comercial
purpose, as you alluded to, he may be in violation of the city zoning 

K2GL had several tall towers at his very visible mountaintop (mountain in 
the East coast sense, mountain = hill for you west coast types - 1200' ASL) 
location.  He was very skillfull in that he "donated" space on his towers 
to the local ambulance corp, fire department etc.  The town loved him. 
 They awarded him with plaques thanking him for donating his tower to their 
service.  No kidding.

Needless to say, he sought to keep his towers up, not to create a business 
with them.

Just a thought for those of you having difficulties with your local