Guy wires missing on 130' Rohn 45

Stan Griffiths
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 03:20:09 -0700 (PDT)

>I am a Radio Officer with the United Nations Field Service, currently on
>assignment in South Lebanon.
>After gaining experience from erecting a 150' Rohn 25 tower in former
>Yugoslavia where I just returned from after 4 years there, I have been
>tasked  with the job of Rigging Supervisor for UNIFIL (United Nations
>Interim Force in Lebanon) with headquarters in Naqoura.
>Today, I examined a 130' Rohn 45 which has had 2 out of 3  of the lowest
>set of guy wires (at 30') removed, to permit the military battalion using
>the mast to park their trucks.  As a result of this the tower has quite a
>pronounced bend in it at the 30' level.
>This tower has been like this for about 3 years now and has been climbed
>countless times.  I refused to climb the tower unless for the purpose of
>installing the missing guy wires.
>I wonder how dangerous this really is and how  long the tower can take this
>kind of  strain.
>I would be very interested in hearing your opinion.   
>Thanks and 73
>de Thor   4X/TF1MM  ex 9A6MM, YU1/TF1MM, TF6MM, TF6PS, TF7PS

My opinion is that who ever is in charge of this tower is damn lucky it
hasn't crashed on his head and killed somebody.  You are perfectly correct
in refusing to climb it.  It would probably be a good idea to release the
remaining guy wire at 30 feet to relieve some of the strain.  I would also
check the other guy wires to make sure they aren't too tight as that would
tend to buckle the tower at the 30 foot point where the lower set of guys
should be.  But most important, try to talk some sense into the man in
charge and get a proper and complete set of guys installed on it.  The
sooner, the better.  There has to be another place to park the trucks.  What
a lame excuse to remove a guy wire!!

"I'm sorry to report Ma'am, but your husband was killed in the line of duty.
You see, we just HAD to park the trucks near the tower . . . it was a matter
of life and death!  Yes, he sacrificed his life, but it was worth it, in the
name of more convenient parking . . . so shut up, quit whining and take this
meager payment."