Wire Rope and Grips

Keith Morehouse - WB9TIY blckhole@ripco.com
Fri, 23 Aug 1996 15:42:01 -0500

Stephen Joseph Sawyer wrote:
> Being new to the use of grips along with wire rope I thought I would
> ask if there is a way to install the wire rope in the grips and not
> have one or more of the strans showing on the outside. 

Hmmmm.  The "outside" of the grip should not have ANYTHING sticking out
through it.  You wrap it on and it finishes nice and smooth.  You should
not be able to see the guy strand you're terminating through the grip.

> After several tries I can finally get the rope installed but I know I
> must be doing something wrong.  Any Suggestions!!!

Careful.  The spec calls for no more then THREE wrap and unwrap cycles
before you're supposed to throw it away and use another one.  Well, thats
what the spec SAYS !  You're also NOT supposed to unwrap and reinstall a
grip that has been rigged for more then "X" weeks.  I can't remember what
"X" is...

> Also I was wondering just what the two red bands on the grip are for?
> I would suspect that they mark the point were the wire rope is insterted
> into the grip. 

Thats the MINIMUM length the grip should be engaged around the guy strand.
If you have not wrapped it starting at LEAST at the paint mark, it's not on far
enough.  BTW, the color is a code for the size guy strand the grip fits on.
I think yellow is for 3/16" and red is for 1/4".  I've seen green, too.

Good luck on your PREFORMS !!

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