Wire Rope and Grips

BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com BK1ZX70SFL@aol.com
Sun, 25 Aug 1996 12:00:04 -0400

on a related note...

Several years back after Andrew lowered the tower and raised the roof @
W1CW/W1YL in Homestead we noted that we had erred in using black tape wraps
about the end of the guygrips. 

On the upper end of one of the guys the tape had created a place for water
running down to accumulate, and stand. The guy wire had rusted - no this
wasn't what brought the tower down....but, it could have caused a failure.
Since then we have NOT been "dressing" the ends of grips...corrosion in
Florida is a big enough problem without encouraging it!

Jim zx              k1zx@contesting.com