Self-supporting tower questions

Scott Neader
Tue, 10 Sep 1996 21:54:48 -0500

Hi Guys!

Well, my quest for a self-supporting tower continues!  At last weekend's
W9DXCC I got a lead on a self-supporting 80 foot "Pyrod" tower in use at a
vet clinic.  It is holding up some vertical antenna that used to be used
for paging, but isn't anymore.

I looked at the tower, and it seems OK (as much as I can tell).  I got some
documentation on the tower (the original schematic drawing from UNR-ROHN -
it turns out that it is about a 13 year old Rohn SSV tower.  It appears to
be only the smallest 4 sections (the weakest ones) that you can get.  Here
is some info from the drawings that maybe will make sense to someone:

Wind load = 20 P.S.F. w/I (rest of sentence got cut off)

20 P.S.F. E.I.A.

tower height = 80 ft w/ITT

top section: ITT tapered top assembly, 1W, 18ft
next: 2W, 20ft
next: 2WST, 20ft
bottom: 3WN, 20ft

So, what have I got here?  Any clue as to how I could find out how much
concrete to put in the ground and how big of an antenna can I put on this
thing (wind load??)  I'd like to put a big tribander (TH6/TH7) and a 402-CD
up there.  Can it handle that? (I doubt it!) And what does ITT mean?


73 Scott KA9FOX

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