Tower ropes

Dave Hawes
Fri, 13 Sep 1996 01:06:18 -0400

On 12 Sep 96 at 11:12, Steve Bookout wrote:

> After years of using ropes (lines for you sailors), which were either unsafe
> or not 'right', I broke down and made an investment that has served me well.
> About 7 or 8 years ago, I purchased 400 feet of caving/climbing rope.  What
> I got was called "Bluewater II".  It is a 12mm (1/2")STATIC type line which
> has a UV and abrasion resistant, woven outer jacket.


Could you provide information on a source for this rope?  At N3RS we 
need to replace some of the tag lines we use for hoisting buckets, 
tools, small pieces of antennas, etc.  It would be sooooo nice to 
have a line which did not spin like crazy as the load is hoisted.  I 
presume that this line does not display the twisting feature I refer 

73 - Dave N3RD