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  David Clemons <dave@egh.com>  writes:

> Hi,
> 	I have a friend who has a very small lot, and would like to put
> up a tribander on his roof.  Instead of a roof mountied tower, he would
> like to have a carpenter put the mast through the top of his roof
> (somewhere in the peak), and secure the bottom of the mast to hist attic
> floor, which will undoubtedly involve some special bracing.
> 	It seems to me that CQ or QST had an article describing this type
> of construction in an issue sometime in the last few years.  Does anyone
> remember such an article, and have any idea of the time frame or magazine
> in which it appeared?
> 73, Dave Clemons K1VUT

I believe the article is in QST for November, 1980: "The Tower
Alternative," by Laurence Wolfert, WA2FDB.  I did a similar
installation about seven years ago and have not had problems.
WA2FDB reported that a few years after his installation was
completed the antenna successfully withstood a minor


Stuart Oserman

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