Lifting a lot of weight?

Rich L. Boyd
Wed, 18 Sep 1996 18:28:38 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 16 Sep 1996 wrote:

> In a message dated 96-09-16 00:28:24 EDT, you write:
> >I may be getting confused, but if this was the 20M yagi on 48' boom, I 
> >think that's more than an "average antenna," and I'm personally not 
> >surprised that one person (unless you're 200 pounds plus) might not be 
> >able to move it.
> Hi, Rich --
>     In my book, a 48' boom 20M antenna is not an average antenna.  Might be
> standard for a medium to big gun but bigger than normal.  And the 20M Telrex
> you mentioned is even BIGGER.
> >I have done a lot of single handed work here with the Telrex 6-el 20 (46' 
> >boom, 175-200 pounds I guess), 8-el 15 (similar size and weight) and 
> >homebrew 3-el 40, which I put up single handed but first the boom then 
> >each element by itself.  I find the maximum pull on a rope is like 
> >ringing a church bell, pulling straight down on the rope, using all your 
> >body weight to pull down.  It's just possible to raise an antenna of this 
> >class this way with one person.  The hardest part is when you have to 
> >hold its weight with just one hand while you use the other hand to tie 
> >off the rope.  I don't recommend it; it's at the limits of one person's 
> >capabilities (or beyond).
>     A device that will enable you to do this is used in mountain climbing
> circles and is called an ascender.  It's used for ascending a fixed rope. It
> clamps on a rope, slides in one direction and locks in the other.  In an
> antenna rigging situation, you install it upsidedown so that you can pull the
> rope down but it locks as soon as you let go of it.  There are several
> manufacturers including Gibbs (I use this one), Jumar, etc.  Check with REI,
> Northface, etc. for what they carry.  Figure $30-50 for one.
> >
> 73,  Steve  K7LXC
>     TOWER TECH -- professional tower supplies and services for amateurs

The ascender sounds like a good idea.  I think a friend of mine uses one, 

I agree, anything on a 48' boom is larger than average.  Someone referred 
to an "average antenna" in a previous message.  That's what I was 
referring to.

 73 - Rich Boyd, KE3Q

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