T2XD rotor and the DCU-1 controler (HyGain)

Tony Brock-Fisher fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com
Fri, 20 Sep 1996 09:08:29 -0400

Waldemar, DK3VN writes about the inaccuracy of the DCU-1 when
used with the T2X...

I haven't tried this combination, but I have some experience with
the T2X when used with automatic positioning. (See my QST Article,
"Build the Rotator Pal").

I think the problem is probably that the pot is dirty, perhaps due
to arcing caused by lots of RF on the rotor cable. I'd suggest
cleaning the pot (although if the RF arcing is prevented, regular
use should clean the pot). Next, prevent more arcing by installing
a ferrite bead on the rotor cable at the rotor terminals.

The Rotator Pal uses a BIG RC filter to get rid of AC and other
noise on the position signal; this results in better accuracy
as well. I have never had the incentive to check, but I bet the
Rotator Pal is within 5-10 degrees every time.

-Tony, K1KP, fisher@hp-and2.an.hp.com

disclaimer: I have intentionally used the term "rotor" and
            "rotator" interchangably in this post. There was such
            a thread on this and other reflectors just prior to
            publishing my article on the correct usage of these
            terms, that the entire article was editied to use
            "rotator". I still think "Rotor Pal" rolls off the
            tongue easier! Please don't waste bandwidth on this
            topic! replies/complaints directly to me! My bit bucket
            is ready!

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