Hardline question

Greg Richard KC4ZV kc4zv@iquest.com
Tue, 24 Sep 1996 06:34:42 -0500 (CDT)

Much has been discussed about how to run hardline underground.  I have
seen the info on how to dig the hole, run the hardline in the pvc/4" 
drainage pvc etc.   My question is has anyone dug a ditch, used
landscape fabric in the bottom of the hole to protect the hardline
and then covered the hole?

Landscape fabric is used to block weeds in flower beds etc..It comes
on a 24" or 36" wide roll and can be 100 yards long.  It is cheaper
than using pvc/4" coraguated (sp?) and looks like it would be easier
to use than having to pull hardline thru a 4" hole 150' long.  

The plan is to dig the hole with a tiller, spread the fabric in the bottom
of the hole, lay the hardline with the jacketed stuff on the bottom and
the unjacketed stuff on top, wrap the hardline in the landscape fabric
and cover the hole after I run 10 or so more lengths of hardline than
I think I'll ever need.

Anyone with any experiecne with this?

Direct replies only and I'll summarize if there is enuff interest
(and I can figure out how)

Greg KC4ZV 


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