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Leikhim, Joe jleikhim@nettally.com
Thu, 26 Sep 1996 23:09:47 -0400

Eric Rosenberg wrote:
> I'm using a 6 ft roof tower to support my satellite/VHF/UHF array.
> With all the rain we've had in the Washington, DC area of late, 
>I've.come across a problem with the feedlines and control cables that 
>run across my roof and down the side of the house into the shack (which 
>is in the basement).
>What I need to know is a method for elevating the cables off the roof 
>as they traverse it before going down the side of the house.

Cut some pressure treated 2x4's into 6 inch lengths. Strap the coax 
bundle to each one using nylon cable ties looped through pipe clamps 
nailed or screwed (galvanized) to the 2x4x6's. This will keep your cable 
bundle off the roof and will restore the natural flow of your roof. The 
wood does not have to be fastened to the roof since the weight of the 
cables will hold them in place.
Joe Leikhim
"tv dinner by the pool, 
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