"Cable Standoffs For Roofs... revisited"

Roger L. Elowitz K2JAS@worldnet.att.net
Sun, 29 Sep 1996 16:18:26 +0000

Hi Eric,

I just had a brainstorm of an Idea I just had to share with you... We were
talking about elevating your cables off the roof to prevent the run-off
water "channeling and following the coax and other cables off the roof-
(creating a puddling and seepage problem outside your home). I had
recommended enclosing the cables in some black PVC pipe that would be
supported above your roof by bricks or cement blocks. Well, here's my genius

Buy ten foot lengths of black PVC pipe and cut them in half. Then buy PVC
"T" joints. Re-join your cut pipe lengths with the "T's" and don't really
bother gluing the sections together... I don't think it'll be necessary.
Position the open end of the "T's" to face the roof and voila!... you have
instant, good looking stand-offs- not ugly bricks. If you need to stand off
a greater distance...(I doubt it),  just stick a few inch length of PVC pipe
in the open end of the "T". 

Tell me this isn't an "elegant" solution to the problem! What's more, at the
very end of the pipe, where the cables would normally exit and go over the
edge of the roof... yep! you guessed it.... fit in a PVC "elbow" piece to
help ease the strain on the cables as they make the 90-degree bend. (Perhaps
they make a plastic fitting that has a greater radius for this piece? It
just might be necessary to glue the joint here.) 

It should take all of a few minutes stringing the cables through the tubes
and "T's" and force-fitting all the pieces together like beads on a string,
only bigger. What fun! How creative! Enjoy!

73's, Roger, K2JAS

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